New policy facilitates Nanjing’s B2B cross-border e-commerce

The Jinling Customs House, affiliated to Nanjing Customs District, reached a milestone on July 13 when cargos passed clearance procedures supervised under the newly launched Customs code “9710”.

The General Administration of Customs (GAC) of China recently announced trials of two new ways of supervision on cross-border e-commerce exports to further stabilize foreign trade. The code “9710” is applicable to goods directly exported by cross-border e-commerce B2B, while “9810” is applicable to goods in overseas warehouses of cross-border e-commerce exports., a leading comprehensive third-party B2B e-commerce platform, became the first pilot enterprise in Nanjing to work under the new mechanism, making customs declaration under the guidance of the Jinling Customs House.

The goods produced by Apricus Solar had a total value of about $21,513 in the online trade reached via, with the customs declaration business consigned to a local agency in Nanjing. Thanks to the integrated national customs clearance procedure, the cargos will be transported first to Yanshan Port in Shanghai and then delivered to the final destination of Czech Republic. is eager to operate under the new customs policy, introduced to further stabilize foreign trade. The platform’s general manager Li Lei said the success of the first customs declaration under the code “9710” has opened a new chapter to cross-border e-commerce and more suppliers on the platform will enjoy a simplified, integrated customs declaration.

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