Jiangsu wraps up emergency review of medical supplies

Jiangsu has finished the emergency review and approval for all 233 enterprises having registered application for licenses to produce medical protective suits and masks, according to the Jiangsu Medical Products Administration on July 14.

The work involved 353 registration licenses and 244 production licenses from those companies in the coastal province.

During the critical period of coronavirus prevention and control, the administration launched the fast-track service for those medical supplies, in accordance with laws and regulations and under the guidance of the National Medical Products Administration and Jiangsu’s work leading group for the pandemic supplies.  The application submission period was valid from March 1 to 23.

In order to increase production capacity and meet the needs of pandemic response, the administration employed multiple measures to increase efficiency in reviewing and approving. As of June 30, it had completed all emergency approval work. In addition, a total of 170 enterprises have obtained medical device production licenses, 97 enterprises were given emergency production licenses, and 79 companies changed their licenses. Jiangsu has issued a total of 235 registration certificates for medical emergency device and product.

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